MINI Concept Tokyo

Debut 2005
Location Tokyo Motor Show 2005
Description This series of four concept cars was shown at the world’s most important motor shows over a two-year period, each variant tailored to the venue for its presentation. The four variations on the theme acted as previews for the upcoming MINI Clubman and each borrowed cues from MINI history. The Concept unveiled in Frankfurt was billed “Travel in style” and played the elegance card to resounding effect, while in Tokyo the car’s British origins were brought to the fore. A winter sport theme highlighted the versatility of the “Sports Equipment Carrier” shown in Detroit, and in Geneva the MINI Concept reprised the role of the service car in the Monte Carlo Rally, thus recalling the brand’s legendary sporting exploits. All four versions impressed most prominently with an innovative door concept that revolutionised the utilisation potential of the interior. The split rear doors offered extremely generous access to the luggage area of the MINI Concept – and would soon do likewise in series-produced MINI models, starting with the Clubman.