The new MINI Countryman

Friday, 1st September 2023 - BMW

Higher, longer, MINI – with an additional six centimetres in height and thirteen centimetres in length, the new MINI Countryman has grown noticeably compared to its predecessor. With wider wheel arches, characteristic charisma and a modern minimalist design with clearly designed surfaces, the car now has a significantly enhanced presence.

In the interior, the robust MINI adventurer offers even more space, comfort and safety – Even off the beaten track thanks to all-wheel drive. The new MINI Experience Modes and expanded driving assistant systems including the voice-controlled MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant make excursions in the new MINI Countryman even more comfortable and entertaining. The all-electric drivetrain contributes to this too, further enhancing the brand’s hallmark driving fun with two levels of power output. As the first MINI made in Germany, the model also breaks new ground in terms of production.

The 4,433 mm long, 1,843 mm wide and 1,656 mm high MINI Countryman is both a stylish all-rounder and a spacious everyday companion. Thanks to the wheelbase, which has been increased to 2,692 mm, comfort has been further increased. The all-electric MINI Countryman is available in two performance levels: As a MINI Countryman E with an output of 150 kW/204 hp and a torque of 250 Nm, it has a range of 462 km. The MINI Countryman SE ALL4 with 230 kW/313 hp and 494 Nm has achieved a wide of 433 km.

In its electrified third generation, the largest model in the new MINI family, continues the brand’s journey into an era of locally emission-free electric mobility. The compact crossover model has been on course for success ever since its market launch in 2010, with five doors and – new for MINI at the time – more than four metres in length. No wonder: after all, the optional all-wheel drive of this powerfully motorised adventurer ensures safe and unbridled driving fun – even off the beaten track.

“With the all-electric MINI Countryman, the largest model in the new MINI vehicle family takes the brand into an era of locally emission-free electric mobility. The first MINI to be manufactured in Germany also offers the highest possible level of environmental compatibility in production. Its versatility and powerful electric drive make it the perfect companion in the city as well as for adventures beyond,” says
Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI.

The new MINI design language: Charismatic Simplicity
The design of the new MINI model generation is modern, digital and unmistakable. With the new MINI family, the brand takes driving fun, the user experience and a responsible attitude forward into a new era. This comprehensive transformation on the way to becoming an all-electric brand by 2030 is reflected in the authentic design of the new models, combining progressive technology with the elementary principles of the brand’s body design and origins. In doing so, it incorporates the urban character of MINI along with the sheer joy of innovation.

“The new MINI Countryman is our vehicle for the whole family. In its latest generation, it has not only grown in height, length and interior — it has also noticeably improved in character, appearance and experience. It is now even more present, more spacious and more stable. His presence on the front is reflected in the upright proportions and vertical orientation of the design language. Its solid and stable character is also immediately recognizable by the more distinctive radiator grille, distinctive headlights and its very sculptural bonnet,” says Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design.

The exterior design: expressive minimalism with character
With its upright and minimalist silhouette, the new MINI Countryman embodies the adventurous flair, versatility and reliability of a compact crossover vehicle. The car’s expressive off-road character is defined by typical MINI proportions, ensuring the new MINI Countryman has high recognition value. Short overhangs, a short bonnet and the contrasting long wheelbase with large wheels combine classic MINI design features with an athletically grown body.

In addition, the new design of the MINI Countryman embraces improved aerodynamics in order to achieve environmentally friendly consumption figures based on this aspect of the vehicle as well. The result is an impressive cd value of 0.26 for the all-electric MINI Countryman – compared to 0.31 in the predecessor model. As such, the next-generation MINI crossover model achieves a new optimum in comparison with its competitors, embracing clever vehicle design with a minimal footprint.

The modern exterior design is supported by clear-cut surfaces, a slightly curved roof with a seamless transition to the newly designed C-pillar in a trim-specific shape, and the characteristic circumferential Black Band. The distinctive C-pillar element creates a new, highly visible stage for differentiating between different models, equipment options and subsequent editions. The design depends on the selected equipment and thus differentiates between the equipment variants. Graphics and lettering are minimalistic, blend harmoniously with the bas-relief and also match the color of the selected contrasting roof.

Reduction to the essentials results in hallmark MINI design features such as the visual three-part division in vehicle body, a circumferential window area and a contrasting roof having an even greater impact, allowing the new design language to develop a powerful presence.

MINI LED headlights with Signature Modes: striking radiance thanks to individual light modes
The front end of the all-electric MINI Countryman is defined by the expressive contour of the new octagonal front grille. A particularly small radar sensor is integrated flush into its surface to support the increased functionality of the driver assistant systems.
In the new model generation, the MINI Countryman is the first vehicle with Level 2 assistance systems that enable semi-automated driving. Certain design details in the vehicle front vary depending on the chosen trim level. For example, the Favoured Trim places the spotlight on the new Vibrant Silver accent colour for exterior details.

The daytime running light elements of theLED lights support this striking look with fresh radiance due to unique light signatures. Optionally, the daytime running light elements can be switched to create three light signatures in the front and rear LED lights, thereby reinforcing the distinctive character of each vehicle. In addition, all light modes start and end with a specially orchestrated welcome and goodbye animation. This interaction with the vehicle increases the anticipation of the MINI even before you set off.

Purist design for a powerful presence and increased dynamic performance
As with the body design as a whole, the front headlights are not framed with chrome elements anymore, which results in the front section having a focused expression. Together with the tautly curved bonnet, the slightly wider track and the raised body, the most versatile MINI exudes superior robustness.

Viewed from the side, the new MINI Countryman has a minimalist appearance with a powerful presence. The circumferential Black Band
is narrower than on the predecessor. The distinctive design of the C-pillar supports the roofline at the rear of the vehicle while at the same time making it appear shorter. This makes the entire vehicle body look more upright, emphasising the character of the new MINI Countryman. Rims of up to 20 inches in various designs add to the robust appearance. The focus is much more on the body color generating an elegant appearance.

As a result of the new MINI aesthetic, the rear section has an especially consistent appearance with its clear surfaces and flush rear lights. Here, the vertical light cluster quotes the classic MINI lights and frames the large central section of the vehicle’s rear. This emphasises the wider stance of the new MINI Countryman while at the same time giving the body a particularly high-quality and upright appearance. As with the front headlights, the rear lights are also able to highlight certain vehicle characteristics by means of different modes. The pronounced shoulder section reinforces the powerful appearance of the new MINI Countryman. The rear tapers off below the model inscription, visually dividing the rear into two sections. The rear apron in the lower area emphasises the solid stance of the vehicle, while the generous surfaces in the upper area make the vehicle look lighter.

Four individual trims and new roof colours
With Vibrant Silver, a new shade expands the MINI Countryman's range of characteristic contrasting roofs. In addition, the model is available in four different trims. The Essential Trim presents maximum clarity and a reduced overall appearance, highlighting certain functional parts such as the logo in the new colour Vibrant Silver. The new range of external paint finishes underlines the modernity of the new MINI adventurer, setting positive accentuations with bright tones such as Indigo Sunset Blue.

While the Classic Trim primarily applies to the interior, the Favoured Trim features particularly expressive details on the exterior. This trim variant, for example, offers on the new MINI Countryman the option of choosing the new Vibrant Silver shade for the roof matching the contrasting front grille.

Meanwhile the John Cooper Works (JCW) Trim lends maximum emphasis to the sporty flair of the MINI Countryman with a distinctive front and rear design. The front grille frame and logo in high-gloss black emphasise the car’s powerful overall impression together with the trim-specific bonnet stripes in red and black. A contrasting roof in Chili Red – inspired by motor sports – along with the striking C-pillar in the same colour and a JCW logo optionally emphasises to the hallmark MINI driving dynamics.

The interior: generous, digital, immersive & warm
The dashboard in the new MINI Countryman works entirely without an additional display behind the steering wheel: all relevant content is projected onto the optional head-up display. This reduction to the essentials opens up the view to the front, shaping the spacious interior with cleverly designed, high-quality components.

Like the new MINI Cooper, the spacious, curved dashboard in Classic, Favoured and JCW trim is also made of textile surfaces for the first time. The new, homely feel-good atmosphere in the MINI Countryman
is defined by warm, pleasant materials. A specially developed knitting process is used to create the versatile, easy-care structure of the textile in two-colour design made of recycled polyester. The entire interior is divided into an upper and lower section along a horizontal line below the new round instrument. Above this, all design elements such as the air vents and door handles are vertically aligned, emphasising the character of the vehicle, also in the interior.

Clear shapes in the cockpit and the increased space in the front seats give the interior a modern, airy feel. The driver and front passenger enjoy significantly enhanced comfort in the new MINI Countryman, with almost three centimetres of additional width in the shoulder and elbow area. The shoulder width of the rear seats has also been increased by 2.5 centimetres.

The optional panoramic glass roof makes the interior particularly bright and friendly, with a front half which can be opened. The sport seats are available in a basic version and in a JCW version as well as with an optional electric seat adjustment with memory function. Optionally, the massage function can provide additional relaxation. Between the front seats, the wide, adjustable central armrest enhances the seating comfort.

The rear of the vehicle offers maximum reduction and space. The position of the rear row of seats can be adjusted in length by up to 13 centimetres. This provides either highly comfortable legroom at the rear or additional volume in the luggage compartment.
The backrest of the three rear seats is also individually adjustable in six positions by up to 12 degrees. This means that the seat either offers the option to lean back or else supports an upright sitting posture. With the rear seat folded down, even bulky items can be easily transported in the 460-litre to 1,450-litre luggage compartment. An additional floor compartment provides convenient space for the charging accessories of the all-electric MINI Countryman. The optionally available trailer hitch offers an additional plus in practicality. The trailer hitch can be electrically retracted and extended. The towing capacity is up to 1,200 kg.

MINI Interaction Unit: High-resolution OLED display brings a quantum leap into the digital age
The central OLED display sets a new benchmark with its high resolution and, for the first time, its round shape. The centre icon is the defining feature of the interior, extending the classic round instrument of the predecessor model with the addition of a completely new feel and versatile functions. As an instrument cluster, the MINI Interaction Unit is a centre of both experience and comfort. Thanks to the MINI Operating System 9, all vehicle functions can be operated intuitively via touch or voice. In the redesigned cockpit, the display is moved closer to both front seats and is particularly easy to reach. The diameter of the thin touch display with a high-quality glass edge and a diameter of 240 mm is reminiscent of the usual smartphone standards in its operating logic.

The graphic presentation of the content is modern and focuses on the essentials. The upper area contains relevant vehicle-related information such as speed and battery status. When the speed indicator is pressed, a large, striking display with full-screen speedometer appears that puts a clear focus on driving. In the Home menu, the other widgets are displayed in thumbnail view to the left and right of the current menu function. They can be brought up and selected by swiping horizontally to the centre. In the lower area of the OLED display, the menu items Navigation, Media, Phone and Climate can be selected directly at any time. All other functions can be accessed via the menu in the same way as on a smartphone. The display returns to the default setting via the home button.

Emotional MINI Experience Modes: for immersive driving experiences
The optional MINI Experience Modes extend the indoor experience using a projector unit behind the round instrument. The dashboard thus shines in different patterns and colours with special light graphics, depending on the choice of experience mode. The colours of the ambient lighting throughout the vehicle are based on the projected light patterns. In combination with the newly created MINI Driving Sounds on the all-electric MINI Countryman and specific graphic elements on the OLED display, MINI fans can experience the entire interior of the new MINI Countryman in a completely new way.

The immersive user experience adds entirely new customisation options to the new MINI Countryman. In Personal Mode, for example, an individually selected image can be set as the display background via the MINI App. A digital colour picker then identifies the dominant colours of the image for projection onto the textile dashboard surfaces. The ambient lighting under the dashboard and in the door mirror is also colour-coded to match these projections.

Specially designed dynamic backgrounds give the different MINI Experience Modes a particularly vibrant look. Subtle light movements support the various options of the modes without distracting the driver. Each mode makes a “Mode App” the focus of the display that matches the ambience. In Go-Kart Mode there is a highly dynamic focus on MINI racing DNA, for example. The display and the interior as a whole then feature the colours anthracite and red, while specific analogue displays for driving dynamics complement this MINI Experience Mode inspired by John Cooper Works. In Vivid Mode, the ambient lighting is based on the colours of the album cover of the current music playback. Core Mode, Green Mode, Timeless Mode, Balance Mode and Personal Mode are also available for selection according to mood and personal needs. Trail mode, which focuses on the driver's desire to discover, is unique for the MINI Countryman.

The redesigned toggle bar. simply typical MINI
Underneath the dashboard, the design of the new MINI Countryman is particularly tidy in appearance and steeped in history. The design of the newly configured toggle bar quotes the various functions with five individually designed toggle switches. This makes the most important driving functions (parking brake, gear selector, start/stop key, experience mode toggle, volume control) directly accessible. At the same time it eliminates the gear selector in the center console generating space for practical and spacious storage options.

In addition to the enlarged cup holders, this also includes a new, generous storage area below the toggle bar. The latter provides space for smartphones to be stowed at an easy-to-find location and wirelessly charged at the same time. Starting with the “Favoured Trim”, a storage box with a matching knit cover is also available as standard.

Four newly designed trims for an individual look
The new, modern color and material concept is also deliberately kept minimalistic. Only newly developed, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials are used. Recycled polyester surfaces in the form of
a high-quality 2D knit cover the dashboard and the interior of the door. Their two-tone design adds distinctive accents, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the interior. Four newly designed trims convey differing versions of the modern feel-good concept in the interior.

The Essential Trim features an interior of maximum clarity and reduction. Black sports seats with distinctly patterned multitone textile harmonise with a coloured textile band on the dashboard. Certain functional parts on the inside and outside are highlighted with the new accent colour Vibrant Silver. On the exterior, for example, the logo appears in the new colour shade, contrasting sharply with the glossy black, octagonal front grille.

Starting with the Classic Trim, the two-spoke basic steering wheel is replaced as a three-spoke version with a new textile strap in the six o´clock spoke. In addition, MINI uses a modern 2D knitted textile in the interior of a production vehicle for the first time. On the dashboard and doors, two-tone black and blue knitted textile provides a fascinating contrast to the high-quality synthetic leather seat. The latter is available in grey and black featuring a perforated houndstooth pattern, while the side contrasts in blue textile.

The contemporary, high-quality Favoured Trim is the most expressive variant. The elegant Dark Petrol finish extends from the dashboard to the door panels, where it merges smoothly with brown knitted textile. Extravagant sports seats with traditional accent stitching and embroidered MINI logo are available in three colours. The perforated synthetic leather made of Vescin sets dark or light accents with a particularly high-quality look, according to preference. The exterior with the front grille in Vibrant Silver can be combined in a particularly apt way with the complete new roof, also in the colour Vibrant Silver.

The JCW Trim offers an interpretation of the new material concept that lends maximum emphasis to sporty flair. The JCW seat with sports seat geometry and additional lateral support noticeably enhances comfort. Combined with multi-coloured knitted textile and black synthetic leather with red stitching, the colour concept echoes the design of the dashboard and door trim. A distinct front and rear design likewise highlights the racing DNA of the trim in the exterior, with the vehicle grille and logo in high-gloss black underlining the powerful overall impression. Optional features include a contrasting Chili Red roof and JCW-specific bonnet stripes in red or black.

“Hey MINI!”: the first MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant
In the new MINI Countryman, numerous functions can be controlled using the brand’s first ever fully-fledged voice assistant. The MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant can be activated with the greeting
“Hey MINI” or by using the push-to-talk steering wheel button. Voice-controlled interaction takes place on the round OLED display in the form of an animation of graphic elements, typography and an avatar. For the visualisation, users have the option to choose between “MINI” – a stylised representation of a MINI – or optionally "Spike" already familiar to many MINI fans. Communication with this virtual travel companion is particularly true-to-life thanks to improved voice recognition. In order to ensure smoother communication, oral utterances are transmitted instantly and visualised on the display. In this way, it is possible to control navigation, telephony, entertainment and numerous other vehicle functions by simply speaking the relevant command.

In the course of the dialogue with the driver, the MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant continuously learns and is able to take on day-to-day tasks on repeated routes. Based on geo-based data, for example, the vehicle can learn to automatically open the window when entering a car park, thereby making day-to-day routines more convenient and personal.

Advanced assistance systems: relaxed driving with improved safety
In addition to the familiar Automatic Active Cruise Control, the Steering and Lane Assistant supports lateral guidance as part of the optional Driving Assistant Plus package. Convenient and cooperative steering helps the driver stay on track. The increased comfort offered by the system combines comfortable, relaxed and superior control of the vehicle while relieving the driver of the monotonous and less demanding aspects of driving. The clear-cut arrangement of the displays, operating elements and easy-to-understand functional features result in a high degree of system safety.

The comprehensive Driving Assistant Professional option package includes a new function that helps the driver take the right exit based on semi-automated Level 2 driving. Using the vehicle sensors and other assistance systems, the assistant detects gaps in the traffic necessary for the lane change towards the exit and ensures the vehicle is travelling at the optimum speed for the assisted lane change.

For the first time, the MINI Countryman also offers semi-automated driving on motorway-like routes at speeds of up to 60 km/h. Up to this speed, the driver can take their hands off the steering wheel providing they continue to follow the traffic closely. The driver must be ready to actively steer and brake at all times. This function builds on the other driver assistance systems, taking over both longitudinal and lateral guidance within the current lane.

All options offered by the advanced driver assistant systems are visualised in real time by means of Assisted View in the OLED display. The fact that the control suggestions provided by the Driving Assistant Systems are straightforward to follow makes the new systems easier to use.

As standard, a new Trailer Assistant helps when manoeuvring into a parking space with a trailer and offers advice on the required steering wheel angle when reversing. In addition to automatic parking functions and the 360-degree Parking View, the new MINI Countryman is able to identify possible parking spaces more clearly thanks to 12 ultrasonic sensors and four Surround View cameras, and it can also independently initiate space-restricted parking procedures. As part of the optional Parking Assistant Professional, the vehicle can be manoeuvred out of a parking space via smartphone using the new Remote Parking function. If there is insufficient room at the side of the vehicle, the MINI Countryman uses this function to drive out of the parking space by itself, making it easier for the driver to get in.

The new MINI Operating System 9: modern connectivity for digital convenience
The new “Charismatic Simplicity” design language is also reflected in the aesthetic of the user interface, which brings together functional and emotional elements. The reduced design uses all-new graphics to create an extremely modern look. Static and dynamic elements blend naturally into the circular form of the OLED display, following a clear structure. Micro-animations enhance the already extremely intuitive interaction between the driver and central instrument and underscore the digital character of the new MINI family.

MINI Operating System 9 is an in-house development by the BMW Group and is based on an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) software stack. Operation is intuitive and follows the standards familiar from consumer electronics.

At the centre of the screen is the start menu, where personalised content can be selected and launched by swiping to the side. In the lower section of the screen is the fixed status bar containing the menu items “Navigation”, “Media”, “Telephony”, “All Apps” and, depending on the situation, “Home”, which can be selected directly. Swiping up from the lower edge of the screen reveals a tool belt, a process customers will be familiar with from many consumer electronics devices. Favourite functions can be stored here and called up again rapidly, i. e. navigation destinations and radio stations. The tool belt can also be activated via the star button on the multifunction steering wheel. The upper screen area is reserved for driving-relevant content such as the vehicle speed and important information on the vehicle status. The optional Head-up display shows the most important information for the driver in their field of view.

The temperature for the driver and front passenger is permanently displayed on the left- and right-hand edge of the screen. The climate control settings are integrated into the MINI Interaction Unit and can always be adjusted on the top layer by touch or voice command.

Depending on the Experience Mode selected, a single tap on the speed display transforms the entire MINI Interaction Unit into a MINI-typical speedometer.

“The new MINI Operating System 9 is characterised by simple, emotional touch operation that is specific to MINI. Together with the new cloud-based MINI Navigation for particularly precise and fast route calculation, high-speed connectivity and optional 5G capability, the new MINI Countryman takes a giant leap into the digital world, thereby underlining the brand’s charismatic heritage,” says Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI.

When driving, the entire MINI navigation package in conjunction with the optional MINI Connected Package provides support through realistic 3D visualizations in complicated turning situations, presentation of the current traffic situation even without activated route guidance, information on parking options including digital payment options, and much more. In addition, an optional augmented reality function is available for visualizing turning instructions. For the all-electric MINI Countryman, a charge-optimized route can be calculated immediately after the destination has been entered.

In addition, MINI Connected Upgrades allow flexible bookings of additional vehicle functions – simply digital. In conjunction with the optionally available MINI Connected Package, the MINI Connected Store provides access to a constantly evolving variety of practical and entertaining apps, including gaming, music and video streaming. The new AirConsole app provides a unique form of in-car gaming for all passengers, making the smartphone the controller of the game on the OLED display.

Electrified go-kart feeling based on progressive drivetrain technology
The new MINI Countryman enables locally emission-free mobility and all-electric driving fun. The completely renewed powertrain and the increased electric range provide the option to go on excursions beyond the city limits – with two powerful electric motors and all-wheel drive. Fully electric, the vehicle is available in the Countryman E variant and with increased output and all-wheel drive as the Countryman SE ALL4.

The 150 kW/204 hp electric motor in the MINI Countryman E achieves 250 Nm of torque, accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 170 km/h. With 230 kW/313 hp, the electric motors in the all-wheel-drive MINI Countryman SE ALL4 achieve a combined torque of 494 Nm, accelerate the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 180 km/h. The powerful battery has an energy capacity of 66.45 kWh.

The new MINI Countryman is also available with innovative and efficient petrol engines. It is offered as the MINI Countryman C with front-wheel drive, an all-wheel drive MINI Countryman S ALL4 and an increased-output model with all-wheel drive in the variant MINI Countryman JCW ALL4. The new MINI Countryman will also be available as a diesel variant.

Excellent driving dynamics for comfortable and sporty mobility
A slightly increased track width and enlarged wheelbase provide the basis for excellent driving dynamics. Even the basic chassis of the new MINI Countryman conveys a sense of sporty flair with the typical MINI go-kart feeling. As standard, the model features a high-quality, precisely tuned damping system combined with highly preloaded stabilisers. The latter provide an additional gain in steering precision and accuracy while at the same time ensuring sound roll support.

“Precisely tuned” means that the entire set of components from axles, steering and dampers through to ride and stability control systems go together to create an exceptional experience in all situations in terms of comfortable and sporty driving. The new MINI Countryman transmits a very direct steering wheel feel with a rack ratio of 55 mm of rack travel per turn of the steering wheel.

The integrated braking system further contributes to the car’s excellent driving dynamics and controllability. A crisp, secure feeling when braking increases the dynamics and precision of the vehicle due to reliable stabilisation. In conjunction with the numerous driver assistance systems, shorter braking distances increase safety.

The customer can choose between a balanced and comfortable chassis configuration or a particularly sporty one, depending on the preferred individual driving experience. The Adaptive Suspension with 15 mm lowering and frequency-selective dampers is available as an option. This has a purely mechanical chassis that adapts to road conditions and offers significant added value in terms of simultaneous vehicle control. In addition, the 19-inch and 20-inch wheels can be combined with sports tyres to optimise the vehicle's lateral and longitudinal dynamics. Optimised 17-inch aerodynamic wheels additionally increase the range of the all-electric MINI Countryman.

An increase in tyre diameter by 30 mm to a total of 710 mm gives the new MINI Countryman an enhanced presence, while at the same time offering improved driving dynamics and comfort. In addition, the tyre width of the optionally available 19-inch and 20-inch rims is increased by 20 mm to 245 mm in order to emphasise the typical MINI go-kart feeling. The available tyre dimensions range from 18 inches to 20 inches.

New MINI Experience Modes for individually tailored driving fun
For the first time, the MINI Experience Modes transmit the driving fun that is typical of the brand by digital and visual means, too. A flick of the “Experiences” toggle switch is all it takes to activate the different modes. The racing-inspired GO-KART Mode highlights the agility of the MINI Countryman by aligning the suspension tuning, thereby making the driving experience particularly emotional. In this mode, the projector unit behind the central OLED display also bathes the entire interior in the John Cooper Works-inspired shades of red. The throttle response of the accelerator pedal is optimised for sporty driving. For a particularly athletic driving experience, a go-kart driving sound has been created that features very marked pitch and load curves, thereby providing the appropriate sound backdrop for agile and dynamic driving. In addition, driving fun can be intensified by adjusting the steering behaviour and also specially calibrated intervention limits for the traction control.

Another aspect of typical MINI driving fun is emphasised by Green Mode. This optimises the efficiency of the drive as well as optimising the throttle response for energy-saving driving, also aligning the electric motor to maximum range based on various parameters. Improved recuperation management in the new MINI Countryman is one of the contributing factors here: this feeds excess energy to the battery when braking or coasting, thereby increasing the vehicle’s range. Visualisations of their personal driving style allow the driver to see how it impacts on range. Tips for efficient driving and a power meter are a playful way of increasing the driver’s motivation to drive economically. For example, the driver is able to grasp the effect of their driving behaviour in concrete form based on gaining a “bonus range”.

What is more, these immersive driving experiences are enhanced by means of completely newly created acoustic worlds consisting of digital MINI Sounds. An optional Harman Kardon Surround Sound System is available in the interior of the new MINI Countryman that provides a choice in acoustic terms, too, between an intense or a relaxing atmosphere by means of completely new driving sounds. The repertoire includes an unmistakable MINI brand sound as a mark of identification and jingles for the new MINI Experience Modes, as well as a collection of new sound signals to denote information and warning functions. These so-called earcons serve a similar purpose to visual icons in that they act as clearly established symbols for certain events or information. Some 30 of these sound signals have been newly created – from the acoustic accompaniment of the turn signals and the seat belt warning system through to the Park Distance Control (PDC) tones. This creates a distinctive recognition feature that is typical of MINI in the acoustic dimension, too.

Simplified and efficient battery charging
The battery of the MINI Countryman can be charged via alternating current with 22 kW. Fast charging with direct current is possible in both all-electric models with 130 kW. This means that just under 30 minutes of charging at a fast charging station is enough to charge the battery from 10 per cent to 80 per cent. Depending on the weather conditions, active navigation via MINI Navigation to a fast charging station ensures the high-voltage battery reaches the ideal temperature for efficient charging in advance. This can significantly reduce charging time, especially in cold outdoor temperatures.

New, easy-to-understand setting options facilitate the charging process, increasing transparency and convenience for the customer. For example, the start time for charging can be selected individually, or an ideal time window for charging can be set. A certain target level for battery capacity can be determined in advance, too. For a particularly pleasant start, charging can be set to be completed by a selected departure time, and the vehicle interior can be air-conditioned to the desired temperature by this time.

The MINI App provides a convenient overview of the charging process even if the customer is not near the vehicle. This provides details of the current battery status, a charging-optimised route plan, and charging history to date – including all costs and savings.

Future-proof electromobility due to the highest possible level of environmental compatibility
The new MINI Countryman combines locally emission-free electric mobility with the highest possible level of environmental compatibility in production as well. This includes dispensing with all chrome decorative elements in the exterior and interior as well as manufacturing the light alloy cast wheels from up to 70 per cent secondary aluminium. In combination with the fact that green electricity is used for production, it has been possible to reduce CO2 emissions compared to conventional manufacturing processes. In addition, no rare earths are needed for the production of the efficient and permanently current-excited synchronous motors.

The surfaces, the inside of the doors and the vehicle floor and floor mats are made of recycled polyester. This high-quality, colourful and comfortable alternative to traditional materials significantly reduces CO2 emissions along the value chain and uses less water in production than cotton.